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Why it is so important to be physically fit today What are some of the Research Paper

Why it is so important to be physically fit today What are some of the Physical Fitness Benefits - Research Paper Example I said to myself it is time to get fit. I had to register for the physical fitness this summer which l believe is a great start on my journey towards achieving complete physical fitness. Definitions of physical fitness are constantly changing because of the amount of effort wanted to do normal day by day activities has dangerously turned down. I think people are not capable to maintain with the normal daily activities of three or four decades ago. Today lifestyles of man are more inactive so there one can see the need of accurate definitions related with physical fitness. Physical fitness of today can define as an enhanced physiological condition that leads to better quality health and long life. From my own experience with health professionals and doctors , I knew that the term physical fitness stands for a level of health exemplified by muscular strength, cardio vascular endurance, physical and mental flexibility, muscular endurance, and a lean and fit body composition. Mohamed Han i Ratib et al attribute: â€Å"Physical, mental and social benefits are gained from physical fitness† (.Ratib et al 51). In general a physically fit person goes with a satisfied and happy state of mind. Additionally this condition is the foundation of all energetic and creative intellectual activity. Through fitness evaluation I measured my own physical fitness and I came to realize that desirable physical fitness provide both mental and physical strength and well-being for my life. The term physical fitness is related with a person’s quality of life. Different factors such as health status, hereditary, deficiency power, food habit, family backgrounds and life style can play a significant role in the process of making physical fitness. Physical fitness takes in various physical abilities like effective body composition, coordination, cardiovascular strength, speed and flexibility. I agree with the findings made by previous studies and researches which emphasize the var ious benefits of physical fitness. Studies and researches have proved that physical fitness prevents various diseases like cardiovascular disease and digestion problems Physical fitness is essential for the formation of a sound psychological state. It is a part of common knowledge is that a healthy body is a home for a sound mind. Furthermore Physical fitness is responsible for the overall well-being and development of a person. Similarly, physical fitness is an essential factor in work field and it promotes success in both personal and professional life of a person. Physical fitness is one of the important properties that an individual can achieve. It is helpful for a person to work in the armed forces because fit body is free from aliment of any kind. I have some friends who been maintained physical fitness for many years and they informed me that the importance of physical fitness is that it is the need of both young and old. The easy contact to fitness centers further highlights the importance of physical fitness. Daily exercises have resulted in people towards longer and healthier lives. Today, I can give suggestions about various exercises to my own friends who failed to keep physical fitness. Patricia Bragg, Dr. Paul C. Bragg, Dr. Patricia Bragg and Paul C Bragg advise that â€Å"If you want a long, healthy life, keep your body orderly and fit† (Bragg & Bragg 79). My own experiences have convinced me that physical fitness gives more than improvement to the quality of life; it strengthens cardiovascular fitness and body survival. Habitual physical exercise helps to make better the strength of human heart. Besides physical fitness increases the blood circulation in human body naturally that helps to distribute oxygen and nutrients to all the

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Physics of the Bottle Flip Challenge

Physics of the Bottle Flip Challenge One of the biggest trends of 2016 was the water bottle flip challenge, and almost everyone was trying their hand at it. But, there is much more to it than just skill and luck, and-even though the trend seriously died out-Ill be teaching you a few cheats that are going make you flip! Or at the very least give you the ability to become the mic-dropping finale at your schools talent show. But in all seriousness, of all the trends to hit big in 2016, bottle flipping was perhaps the most surprising. Sure, we expect the collective mind of the internet to dredge up long forgotten childhood shows, ironically appreciate terrible movies, or recreate popular dance moves; but flipping bottles of water so that they can land correctly? Its something almost anyone can do, watch, and appreciate. You see it happen and you understand it regardless of how old you are or what language you speak. But, for those of you who many not be familiar, here is a quick summary. Bottle flipping entails taking a bot tle and tossing it so that it twirls through the air like a gymnast, and sticks a 10/10 landing. Now, despite what Know Your Meme-a website that dedicates itself to documenting online phenomena and memes-might say, the origins go back as far as 2007 to a video released by a skateboarder named Ben Daleman. However, it was Michael Senatores epic flip during his school talent show last year that really caused people to flip out over the flip. As elegantly simple as bottle flipping might be, scientifically, its a completely different story. Involving everything from elasticity of collisions, to fluid dynamics, to momentum, to laws of gravity, the science behind the bottle flip is quite amazing. But, once you understand that science, youll actually have an unfair advantage in your next bottle flipping tournament, at your next school talent show, your next visit to grandmas house, or whenever you might just want to impress someone. Now, without further ado: The Scientific Cheat Code Thatll Get You the Upper Hand in the World of Bottle Ballistics. Before you start pitching your old plastic around, your flip can either be made or lost by the very first choice that you make-the bottle. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different brands of bottled water on the market. As well, almost all of them have different bottle shapes, heights, even thicknesses of plastic, and picking the right one can make the difference between becoming a flipping champ, or a flipping chump. So if you think of bottle flipping as a video game, then think of your choice of bottle as the difficulty level. The typical bottle most people are using rounded bottle, thin plastic, like Poland Springs, those are effectively the normal setting. Not too hard, not to easy, just a good sweet spot to judge other bottles. But what in particular makes this one the ideal, middle candidate? Well, lets take two other bottles and itll all become clear. A water cooler jug, and a bottle of Coca-Cola. Now, the Coca-Cola bottle is the bottle flipping equivalent of hard mode, and the reason for that is surface area. Notice that the bottom isnt round like the other two, but rather has multiple prongs that give the bottle added stability. Now, under normal usage, thats a great shape, but when flipping bottles, it is a completely different story. Â   Â   You see, in physics, the energy of being in motion is called kinetic energy, and the word elasticity is a measure of how much kinetic energy remains as kinetic energy after two objects combine. To give you an example, lets look at anime. Goku punches Krillin in the face. Gokus fist has a bunch of kinetic, or movement energy. That then is transferred into Krillins face and body launching him off for miles. So, one would say that the elasticity of that collision of fist to face is really high. The kinetic energy of Gokus fist stays as movement energy as Krillin flies through the air. So thats an elastic collision. Alternatively, there are inelastic collisions, where the kinetic energy is transformed into deforming the material, or where energy is lost in other ways, like heat and sound. The Goku punch example isnt perfectly elastic, because some of his punch energy is lost deforming Krillins face. A good example of an inelastic collision is two balls of clay thrown together. They stick , there is no bounce, all the kinetic energy of the two balls moving is lost as they deform into one larger ball. Now, knowing all that, look at our bottle flip. Its plastic hitting a table, so the collision would be mostly elastic, where the kinetic energy of the bottle falling is preserved. But, the table isnt going to move so that movement energy has to go somewhere, and thats back into the bottle-which is causing it to bounce. The plastic of the bottle compresses ever so slightly, and then springs back into position, causing it to rebound from the table and potentially costing you your glorious moment at the talent show. Yet, as that may be, the force isnt going to cause a ton of bounce when its spread out over a wide surface such as the rounded bottom of your average water bottle. But what about the prongs of the Coca-Cola bottle? That force is moved to the very small area thats actually hitting the table, causing the bottle to rebound higher and thus making it harder to get th at perfect landing. Whereas on the other end of the spectrum are the large jugs of water-which are the equivalent of flipping easy mode. Part of it is the huge surface area of the base, but to see why these are the clear choice for any inexperienced flippers we need to talk about the other elephant in the room-finding the perfect water level. Empty water bottles weigh practically nothing, averaging in at 10 grams, and if you have an empty water bottle just sitting on a table, its center of mass-the point on the bottle where all the mass averages out-is right around the middle. But water is a lot heavier than plastic, and when you put something like water into a bottle, the center of mass is going to move. In this case it moves downward. Theres more mass on the bottom of the bottle than on the top, and thus the place where the mass averages out is going to end up a lower. Now, why is that important? Because the center of mass sometimes goes by another name, the center of gravity, and gravity-as the largest obstacle between you and that perfect bottle flip-pulls from the center of gravity. Therefore, the lower the center of gravity is, the less likely that bottle is going to tip over when you flip it. Thus, allowing you to walk off the high school stage head held high. But if you overfill the bottle with water now the cente r of gravity is much higher, the point at which all the mass has averaged out has crept back upwards. When that happens and its tipped to the left, the center of mass is now to the left of the tipping point, and gravity will pull the bottle down, causing it to fall, and causing you to take the walk of shame, or move to another school district. This is why getting just the right amount of water is tricky and essential. You need to put in enough water in the bottle so that the center of mass goes about as far down as it can get without inadvertently allowing that center of gravity to creep back upwards by overfilling. So mathematically the ideal sweet spot is going to be filling up that bottle to the one-third mark. Its there that the center of mass is going to be about as low as it can go. Those wide, short squat, water cooler bottles are the easiest ones to flip because theyre the ones where keeping the center of gravity low is a cinch. It doesnt take a lot of water to weigh them do wn-getting their center of mass low-and all in all these jugs are just super stable. Now obviously youre not going to shove a water cooler jug in your backpack to pull out during lunch hour bottle flipping tournaments. So what bottle do you choose? Well, in between these jugs and our standard round-bottomed ones is everything from Smart Water-being tall and narrow-to Fiji water-being made from a firmer plastic and with a wider base, and shorter height. The fact that Fiji water is short means that youre going to have to be a lot more precise in your water level measurements making it much harder to land the flip; therefore, making Smart Water a little more incentivizing. Lastly, and arguably the most important part of each flip: the throw. Now, before we talk about throwing bottles, lets talk hammers. Grab a hammer and toss it in the air! Eh, actually, no. Its dangerous and youll put a hole in the floor. Instead, lets visit historys most famous hammer tossers-The Hammer Bros. Notice how the hammer twirls all lopsided? Well, its because of our old friend-the center of mass. Objects in free fall that have any rotation will always rotate around their center of mass. Hammers, which traditionally have wooden handles and steel heads, have a hugely lopsided center of mass and rotate around that. But the cool part is, for as chaotic as that movement looks, if you trace the trajectory of the center of mass it will always follow a perfect arc. But heres the thing, for as complicated as throwing a hammer may look, a water bottle is even more complicated because of fluid dynamics. When you flip the bottle into the air, the center of mass is shifting as the mass of the water moves around in the bottle. As it does this, the water robs the bottle of angular momentum-or spin. This becomes most dramatic just after the bottle flips, when the water sloshes around and goes from being in the bottom of the bottle to the top. It adjusts to gravity, which simultaneously helps push the bottle down, allowing for that signature straight-up landing. How this knowledge helps you is that most newbie bottle flippers include too much horizontal velocity. You see, if the bottle is moving forward too fast when it lands, the bottles movement is suddenly stopped, but the water inside the bottle still wants to move forward. And it does, which takes all the mass with it. So instead of acting like a stabilizing force inside the bottle, the water actually helps knock the bottle over. The key here is to try to use as much force upward while also putting that spin on the bottle. The best way to do this is to make sure the bottle is parallel with the ground when you rel ease it. This sends the center of mass straight upward, and since youre holding onto the other end, the bottle with naturally rotates as you let go. So, there you have it, the steps to a prefect flip. Choose a bottle with a firmer plastic and a wide base like a Fiji bottle, fill that bottle to about a third full, double-checking the exact level by doing that 45 degree fall test to measure where the center of gravity is at, and then practice your toss so that you release it in parallel with the ground, and try to minimize its forward momentum. But if you want even more of an edge, consider swapping out the water in the bottle for Mercury. As the heaviest liquid at room temperature, that should lower the center of mass to amazing depths while still maintaining all the benefits of fluid dynamics. Just, fair warnings, dont drink it, or touch it, or do anything with it really because its toxic. Between Mercury and hammer tossing, explaining the science behind bottle flipping can be filled with bad ideas.

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Space Exploration - We Must Explore Mars :: Argumentative Persuasive Essays

Have you ever looked up in the sky and wondered if there is life elsewhere in the universe? Have you ever looked at a photograph of Mars and wondered if there really was ever life on it? People have a wide variety of opinions regarding these questions and with good reason. As far back as the broadcast of H. G. Well's novel, "The War of the Worlds", the world has been fascinated with the possibilities of what Mars may hold. Over time, the majority of people have come to realize that there is no way that life can currently be on Mars. Those who are uncertain think there may be microscopic bacteria underground. There is, however, rising speculation that Mars currently holds ice and possibly flowing water in certain areas on and under the surface. Because of the surface conditions, the water would evaporate very quickly and not be directly visible from space, along with the possible exception of the polar caps, which will be discussed later. Almost all researchers and scientists believe that there is ice on Mars, but the trick is to find it and use it to our benefit. Scientists have dreamt over the possibility that it may be possible to live on another planet. Some think that Mars has that potential to support life, if it's hidden resources are uncovered and exploited to their full potential. There is even evidence that it once contained enough water that it had been possible to hold life. Think about it, what if we could transform it into such a place, even if only our children's children get to see any result? The following will describe Mars, present evidence of ice and water, give possible ideas for the future exploration of Mars, and give reasons for why it is important. The fourth planet from the sun was named after the Roman god of war, Ares and the Greek god of war, Mars. The month of March was named after him so the Romans believed that March was the time of war. Juno, wife of Jupiter, became pregnant with him when Flora, the goddess of flowering and blossoming plants, touched her. Mars was known for his outrage and fury. He is said to have loved battle and killing. He raped a Vestal Virgin, Rhea Silvia. This led to Mars having two sons, Romulus and Remus, who would later found Rome.

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I think that this argument is in the best interests of the country as a whole because they would not be worried about jobs and it will keep the overall population’s wages low to increase country’s overall manufacturing exports. Yes, China is a mercantilist Nation because China’s commercial engagement with the rest of the world is largely contributed from mercantile theory. No mercantilism is not a bankrupt theory and it has a place in the modern world because to lower the cost of production and hence cheaper products to increase exports and domestic demand of such domestic goods. Yes China has an economic policy that can be characterized as neo-mercantilist. What should the United States, and other countries, do about this China’s commercial engagement with the rest of the world is largely scripted from mercantile theory: export boosting policies that are meant to stimulate a balance of payment in China’s favor, ie, manipulating their currency to keep it artificially devalued in support of cheap capital exports and a mechanism of forced high savings, which in effect promotes policies that subsidizes Chinese manufacturers (to lower their cost of production and hence cheaper products to increase exports and domestic demand of such domestic goods) at the expense of their own households and manufacturing jobs in the consumption-crazed US-and-Eurozone – a process that leaves China’s state-coffers endowed in huge surplus reserves. b) What incentive does China have to open its markets to foreign products? Why might China resist such a move? Incentives: By opening its markets to foreign products, China can exploit its comparative advantage and specialize in the production of goods that it produces most efficiently and to buy good that it produces less efficiently from other countries, even if this means buying goods from other countries that it could produce more efficiently itself. Hence, companies in China can lower their overall cost structure or improve the quality and functionality of their product offering, allowing them to compete more effectively. Besides, globalization is becoming†¦

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Analysis Of Two Boys Kissing By David Levithan Essay

Under Pressure In a world of growing change and coercive adaptability, it is sometimes hard for us to respond to these increasing, sudden constituents of alteration. Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan brings to light the afflicting modes of pressure upon those who face variant sexualities from heteronormativity while challenging gay stereotypes through providing individuated, distinct characters with their own backgrounds and struggles. Three important main characters in the novel, Cooper, Ryan, and Avery, indicate their various endeavors in a tyrannized world through addressing dilemmas with the construction of masculinity, the movement of individual sexuality through space, and body image. While Two Boys Kissing challenges the dominant narrative of â€Å"the closet† through bringing the characters’ sexualities into the open, conveying a â€Å"new† masculinity—one that establishes an attitude that it is okay to be gay—Cooper, Ryan, and Avery face d iscrete internal battles against their own masculinities. Cooper refuses to come to terms with his sexuality because he knows his parents are not accepting of it. Ryan refuses to bring Avery inside his home because he is afraid of how his parents will react. Avery has undergone hormone transformation—that is, he was born a female and then biologically transitioned into a male—but he does not feel as masculine as he desires. These three characters each experience the suffocating consequences of hegemonic masculinity; â€Å"hegemonic masculinity

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Lexical Ambiguity Definition and Examples

Lexical ambiguity is the presence of two or more possible meanings for a single word. Its also called semantic ambiguity or  homonymy. It differs from syntactic ambiguity, which is the presence of two or more possible meanings within a sentence or sequence of words. Lexical ambiguity is sometimes used deliberately to create puns and other types of wordplay. According to the editors of the  MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences, True  lexical ambiguity is  typically distinguished from polysemy (e.g., the N.Y. Times as in this mornings edition of the newspaper versus the company that publishes the newspaper) or from vagueness (e.g., cut as in cut the lawn or cut the cloth), though the boundaries can be fuzzy. Examples and Observations You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen; it said, Parking Fine. So that was nice.(English comedian Tim Vine)Do you believe in clubs for young people? someone asked W.C. Fields. Only when kindness fails, replied Fields.(Quoted by Graeme Ritchie in The Linguistic Analysis of Jokes)Donald Ressler: The third guard, hes in the hospital. Berlin cut his hand off.Aram Mojtabai: No, no. Its a lexical ambiguity. He cut his hand off.Elizabeth Keen: Berlin cut off his own hand?(Berlin: Conclusion, The Blacklist, May 12, 2014)Outside of a dog, a book is a mans best friend; inside its too hard to read.(Groucho Marx)The rabbi married my sister.She is looking for a match.The fisherman went to the bank.I have a really nice stepladder. Sadly, I never knew my real ladder.(English comedian Harry Hill) Context [C]ontext is highly relevant to this part of the meaning of utterances. . . . For example, They passed the port at midnight is lexically ambiguous. However, it would normally be clear in a given context which of the two homonyms, port (harbor) or port (kind of fortified wine), is being used—and also which sense of the polysemous verb pass is intended. (John Lyons, Linguistic Semantics: An Introduction) Characteristics The following example, taken from Johnson-Laird (1983), illustrates two important characteristics of lexical ambiguity: The plane banked just before landing, but then the pilot lost control. The strip on the field runs for only the barest of yards and the plane just twisted out of the turn before shooting into the ground. First, that this passage is not particularly difficult to understand in spite of the fact that all of its content words are ambiguous suggests that ambiguity is unlikely to invoke special resource-demanding processing mechanisms but rather is handled as a byproduct of normal comprehension. Second, there are a number of ways in which a word can be ambiguous. The word plane, for example, has several noun meanings, and it can also be used as a verb. The word twisted could be an adjective and is also morphologically ambiguous between the past tense and participial forms of the verb to twist. (Patrizia Tabossi, Semantic Effects on Syntactic Ambiguity Resolution in Attention and Performance XV, edited by C. Umiltà   and M. Moscovitch) Processing Words Depending on the relationship among the alternative meanings available for a particular word form, lexical ambiguity has been categorized as either polysemous, when meanings are related, or homonymous, when unrelated. Although ambiguity is graded, for words that are at one or the other end of this spectrum and thus are easy to classify, polysemy and homonymy have been shown to have differing effects on reading behaviors. Whereas related meanings have been shown to facilitate word recognition, unrelated meanings have been found to slow processing times ... (Chia-lin Lee and Kara D. Federmeier, In a Word: ERPs Reveal Important Lexical Variables for Visual Word Processing in The Handbook of the Neuropsychology of Language, edited by Miriam Faust)

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Discourses Are Defined By The Perceptions Received Through

Discourses are defined by the perceptions received through information given by various resources. To specify, the resources are the media, television, images, magazines or websites. There are many aspects of discourses, which inhibits a different outcome as according to context. Discourses are conversations between different types of people or social groups (Gee, 2015) For instance, identity can conform around the discourses that surround cultural and social influences. Whereas knowledge and power becomes interlinked, causing systems of hierarchy to occur. Discourses has occurred in both historical and political contexts through the media. This in turn, made the discourses more dominant and influential in society. Capital discourse are†¦show more content†¦Early childhood educators should focus on the ‘moral value’ of the actions they chose to take for children’s experiences, (Buzzelli, 1996). Individuals would utilise their knowledge to make choices th roughout their life. This may effect their sense of self and the subjectivity they may receive. Borgstrom Walter (2015) accentuates that choice is a another form of discourse and defines choice as a ‘tick box’. A child’s habitus is formed through familial fields as interactions between one another were regarded as important (Alanen, Brooker and Mayall, 2015). Discourses can become empowered through institutions such as the school or media. Image 1 portrays individual disbelief at ethnic discourse as individuals should not be unfairly labelled. Through the media, they have become influenced to believe that Muslim and Arabic individuals are involved with acts of terrorism. This in turn, reiterates that discourses can occur through many fields and can effect many individuals. Our identity is constructed through social and cultural practices, we continuously partake in. Identity can also be shaped by our beliefs, appearance, personalities through the growing stages of our life. These components allow us to construct a sense of self through subjectivity. To clarify the conceptualisation of subjectivity, it is a flexible aspect that allows us toShow MoreRelatedHow Discourse Is Used For Power And Knowledge, And For Resistance And Critique1203 Words   |  5 PagesDiscourse is a broad term with various definitions which â€Å"integrates a whole palette of meanings† (Titscher et al., 2000, p.42), covering a large area from linguistics, through sociology, philosophy and other disciplines. According to Fairclough (1989) the term refers to â€Å"the whole process of interaction of which a text is just a part† (Fairclough, 1989, p.24). As pervasive ways of experiencing the world, discourses refer to expressing oneself using words. Discourses can be u sed for asserting powerRead MoreAnalysis Of Dorothy Parker s One Perfect Rose1311 Words   |  6 Pagesthese themes are outlined through three dominant modes of discourse which I will be engaging with throughout the literary commentary; structure, voice and the use of metaphor. The commentary will address these discourses in relation to an adaptation of the original poem into prose, taking into consideration the implications of textual adaptation. This textual intervention will provide the necessary analysis in order gain an understanding of the text which is constituted through experiment and re-creationRead MoreWho Are Indigenous Australi Identity?1619 Words   |  7 Pagespopulations may have defined themselves, was rejected, as was any behaviour that did not conform to the stereotyped images that the colonisers had constructed about Indigenous peoples (Brough, et al., 2006). Language is powerful and the negative framing of Aboriginal identity creates a deficit mindset of f ailure and disempowerment, that pervades Aboriginal communities (Fforde, Bamblett, Lovett, Gorringe, Fogarty, 2013). This perspective and discourse of deficit, is the one that carried through to the educationRead MoreRepresentations Of Disability During The 20th Century1727 Words   |  7 Pagesnational existence.† Since then, our changing perception of disabled veterans of military service has affected the success and practice of their rehabilitation. Historians and social scientists have found it difficult to understand the process of identity formation among disabled veterans. This difficulty is rooted in historian’s inability to make sense of the disabled veteran’s history, social position, and representation in culture and discourse. Historian Paul Lawrie, who argues one of many interpretationsRead MoreWhat is Social Order? Essay examples1248 Words   |  5 Pages These norms are defined as ‘shared sets of values or expectations about how people will or should behave’. (Silva E, 2009, p307). Sociologist Erving Goffman and social philosopher Michel Foucault both concern themselves with the wider understanding of how society is produced and how social order is made and remade. Both use contrasting approaches to explain the links between individuals and society, the basis of Goffman’s research is that social order is made and remade through individuals, whilstRead MoreBefore Taking A Medical Oath, Every Nursing Trainee Should1026 Words   |  5 Pagesexperience in the nursing profession. The nurses have a duty to address the negativity surrounding the noble profession. Negativity interferes with the proper delivery of healthcare. Image presentation which may be through the dressing style, piercings and tattoos portray a very compelling perception in the patient’s eyes. In the modern times, more male earn their way in the nursing profession to become reputable and successful practitioners. Community participation, critical thinking, teamwork, and communicatio nRead MoreComparative And Normative Function As A Standard Of Behavior1617 Words   |  7 Pages Zou et al draw upon previous research demonstrating how perceived consensus occurs within groups. Groups can be particularly useful when we are unsure of the situation through two functions: comparative and normative. The comparative function serves as a benchmark; individuals will look towards others to see how they compare in terms of behavior and values. The normative function acts as a standard of behavior; when we are uncertain, we will look towards others to determine what is the normalRead MoreDescartes Views on the Topic of Philosophy of Mind Essay755 Words   |  4 Pages thinking sunstance. But it not just these definitions that allow Descartes to adopt a dualistic point of view. Descartes came to the conclusion in meditation I of his discourse of method that any data received from the senses could be doubted and therefore unreliable. As the body is known only through the senses, Descartes was able to doubt the existence of such a body and all other bodies for that. In meditation II however he arrives at the knowledge that doubting theRead MoreContemporary Art And Artistic Practices1465 Words   |  6 PagesHistorical Context The Community-based Artistic Practices are not a complete novelty in contemporary art, their rhetoric are being used as strategic tools, to support discourse such as democracy, equality, social justice among other, from the 1960s on a explicit way. Even less, this â€Å"social turn† , understood as an ethical shift by artist and critics who focus their attention on the aspect of social usefulness of the art practices, characterized by an increase of art projects that emphasize participationRead MoreThe International Women s Media Foundation1500 Words   |  6 PagesFoundation, IWMF 2013). The media has had a dated history of being associated feminism and its struggles within the society (Zoonen 1994:148). To Kidd (1996), sports media text play a significant role in the production, reproduction, and transforming discourses on gender relations. This has led to an integration of the mass media with the production and the distribution of sporting commodities For instance, newspap ers devoting an entire columns to sports and some cities designed around sports images (Kidd